Smood understands and supports the demands of the delivery personnel represented by syndicom for a company-wide CLA.

Geneva, 15 November 2021 -  Smood understands the demands of the delivery personnel represented by syndicom and welcomes the constructive dialogue with this employee representative for more than eight months. Syndicom, which is active inter alia in the logistics sector, has long represented the collective and individual concerns of many of Smood's delivery workers and therefore remains Smood's preferred social partner and interlocutor due to its knowledge of the logistics sector and its national presence. 

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Smood is concerned about the uberisation of its business sector and has always opposed it with the means at its disposal, in particular by insisting on giving employee status to its delivery workers. Today it accepts most of the demands of the delivery workers represented by syndicom. Although there are still differences of opinion before the conclusion of a company-wide CLA, Smood is already planning to implement some improvements to ensure a good working environment for all delivery staff as soon as possible. With these improvements, all of Smood's delivery staff will receive higher hourly pay and benefits that they did not have until now, such as holiday pay. 

In particular, Smood finds the following demands published by syndicom acceptable 
- Basic salary of CHF 23 (including holiday pay), in the absence of a higher minimum wage, plus a bonus system depending on the volume of orders executed.
- Increased reimbursement of vehicle expenses in line with syndicom's demands (per hour, per km or according to TCS scale).

Transparency and reporting process for possible malfunctions
Following recent comments, Smood will also improve the transparency of its application so that drivers can follow their daily activities. Some of these changes have already been implemented, while others will be implemented by the end of the year. Drivers will be accompanied in this transition.

Smood listens to syndicom's criticism of possible malfunctions. It is obvious that all proven malfunctions will be corrected. To remedy this, Smood will put in place a clear process that will allow each driver to report malfunctions and resolve them on a case-by-case basis. This process will be communicated to drivers shortly.

For healthier competition
As the market leader in Switzerland, Smood also wants to send a message to other players in the food sales and delivery industry that it wants to create healthier competition. Further improvements in the working conditions of delivery staff will not be possible until the authorities and employee representatives impose similar standards across the industry.
Finally, Smood regrets the media attention given to a group of individuals whose efforts, coordinated by another union, intensified in response to the announcement of ongoing discussions with delivery workers represented by Syndicom. No individual case has been presented to Smood, despite repeated requests, so the only request seems to be to impose a new interlocutor in the advanced discussions. This has only served to divide and delay the implementation of improvements planned for the collective good of the staff. However, the Smood teams continue to work towards implementing all improvements by 1 January 2022. 

We would like to thank our partners and customers, who have placed their trust in us and for whom the working conditions of our drivers are important. It is they who make this improvement in the working conditions of our drivers possible with every order.