Smood proves that an alternative to uberization is viable

Smood is happy to announce a new CLA with Syndicom

We are delighted to announce that together with our social partner Syndicom, we have concluded a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) that will significantly improve the working conditions of our delivery personnel, who have largely adopted it with 94% voting YES. Regardless of the attacks, pressures and criticisms, we have been pursuing for 18 months, together with Syndicom, our commitment to the creation of a new, fairer and more equitable social model, which remunerates and protects the delivery staff.

Smood is proud to be the first major food delivery company to have reached such an agreement. This social step forward is a precursor to the new social model Smood wants, a fairer and more equitable model, which we hope will be a new standard and a new requirement for all players in the sector.

You are probably also aware of the recent decision of the Federal Court regarding the status of the employees of a major player in our sector. Smood welcomes this decision of the Federal Court. It reinforces our belief that the path we have chosen, together with the Syndicom union, to conclude a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) and to guarantee fair and equitable working conditions for our delivery people, is the right one. After having been the first company in the sector to employ its delivery staff and thus fight against uberization, it is once again a pioneer in setting a new standard in its sector.

Join Smood, a committed player, and be part of this ethical and social movement.

Together we can make a difference by showing that alternatives exist. Convinced that a model based on salaried workers is the only legal and socially responsible alternative for this industry, Smood calls on all the actors in our business to establish, together, a new model that is fairer, more equitable and more ethical.

Will you join us in this cause?

Marc Aeschlimann, CEO

Please read our full press statement in French and German. Feel free to review the CLA and its benefits in more detail on Syndicom.