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Do you like Smood? Refer our services and be rewarded! For every friend you refer, receive CHF 20 on your Smood Wallet!

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Refer Smood to your friends and receive 20 CHF for each friend you refer! Share your referral link with a friend and give him or her CHF 20 off their first order on Smood! After they place their order, you will receive 20 CHF directly into your Smood wallet! T&Cs apply.*

How does it work?

Step 1 Go to your account area.
Step 2 Click on "Refer a friend".
Step 3 Share your personal code with your friends.

We hope these tips have helped you!

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*The referral program allows the user to receive 20 CHF in the form of a credit in their Smood wallet for each referred friend. In order to receive the credit, the referrer must share their personal link available in their Smood account and the referred friend must create their new Smood account via this link. Once the referred friend has placed his or her first order, the referrer receives CHF 20 directly to his or her Smood wallet. The referral amounts in the Smood Wallet expire after 7 days for the referred person and 21 days for the referrer, starting from the creation of the new account. In case of suspected fraud, customer accounts will be suspended immediately. The amounts in the wallet cannot be exchanged for money, no change can be given back. For further information, please contact us at The General Terms and Conditions apply.