How to set my restaurant App and use the menu

Learn how to manage my stock, set my printer, get some support and more

Quick tour of the menu


Settings: The right place to set my Smood bluetooth printer and select my language.

Menu Availability: to manage my product availability.

Support: A direct link to the support website I am currently using.

Order Bags: I can quickly order bags to pack my Smood orders.

Report Issue: to report any suggestion or issue.

Pause new orders: in case or emergency or if I need a break


Settings: to set my printer and select my language

Connect the Smood bluetooth printer: 

Important: the printer has to be paired first in the settings of my tablet (see note below)
  1. Activate Receipt printing -> Now, the printing icon will be visible on my orders
  2. I can decide to automatically print a receipt when I open a new order
  3. I choose the number of copies 
  4. I then select my bluetooth printer
    selection printer
    Note: depending on the area, connection can sometime fail. Just try again a few times until you see the success message.





printer connected

How to pair the Smood printer to my device:

1. I go in the bluetooth section of my device settings

2. I scan for devices and I select the "Bluetooth printer" (the one with a printer icon)

3. If a code is required, I enter "1234"

Menu availability: to manage my stock and quickly react when a product runs out of stock

Menu availability

For each product or option, I can mark it:

  • Available
  • Sold out today: Item will automatically become available the next day
  • Sold out indefinitely: I will have to mark it available manually

Tip: I can use the search bar to quickly find my items and change the status of all results at the same time.

Menu availabity - apply on all


Order bags: I can quickly order bags to pack my Smood orders

I simply select the number of bags I need and confirm. That's it ! order bags


Report issues: to report any suggestion or issue

Report bug or suggestion Any suggestion to improve the app or any issue I am experiencing: I can quickly report it to Smood.


Visit this page to learn how to manage my orders.