How to manage my opening time from my Smood tablet ?

Acces to the Smood Manager
  1. From the main menu of your Smood tablet, open "Internet"
  2. Clic on the "Smood Manager" icon
  3. Enter your login and password

If you don't have your login/password, do not hesitate to contact your sales to receive your login details. 

Change time period of my restaurant

  1. From the manager, clin on the arrow at the top right corner.
  2. Select the menu "Opening" to access to the schedule management menu

Take care of the line "Preparation Type" Who define for with type of order those hours are used (Delivery, pick up)

screenshot (2)

To change your schedule, you just have to clic on the pen.

Warning : If you change your schedule for one day only, don't forget to change the schedule once the date has passed