How to use my printer with my Smood tablet

Connect printer to the tablet

  1. Connect printer to electricity, you must see a blue light
  2. From main menu, clic on "Bluetooth Manager"
    Capture d’écran 2021-03-14 à 13.18.00
  3. Clic on "search"
  4. Clic on "HS-J80UAI" 
  5. A screen open and ask for a code
  6. Enter 1234 and confirm
  7. Wait for the message "succesfuly paired" 
  8. After connection, go to "New smood Restaurant"
  9. Clic on the button at the top left corner
  10. Open "My Application"
  11. Open "Settings"
  12. Open "Connect to printer"
  13. Activate option "receipt printing"
  14. Clic on "Add a new printer"
  15. A screen open, clic on confirm
  16. Select the printer "HS-J80UAI" and confirm
  17. Wait for confirmation
  18. Your printer is ready to be use

Set up number of ticket you print

  1. Go to "New Smood Restaurant"
  2. Clic on the button at the top left corner
  3. Open "My Application"
  4. Open "Settings"
  5. Open "Connect to printer"
  6. Clic on "Receipt configuration"
  7. Change the number of print you need for delivery and Click % Collect

Activate option "automatically print receipts" to print one or more copies of the orders automatically as soon as you consult them.