How can I change my 📋 delivery details?

Change Address

Step 1  You can change your 🚚 delivery address on the homepage. If you want to add some information to your delivery address - like your floor number or the entry code to your building you will need to - go to the "Order" page, where you will be able to 📑 add the information.

Step 2 In "1. Delivery information". If you wish to delete an address, go to your account, and click on "My delivery addresses ", where you can 🗑 delete the address you want to remove by clicking on the small trash can on the right.

Change Delivering Time

Contact us at 0900 009 009 (Fr. 0.99/min) immediately

To improve your experience we advice you to submit this form with the information our customer representatives will require.

Change Dishes

If you haven’t already placed your order, changing the 🍽 dishes you have added is quite uncomplicated.

⚠️ If your order is already placed

Option 1 contact us at 0900 009 009 (Fr. 0.99/min) immediately. If your food hasn't left the restaurant, we can get the fine folks at our restaurants to change up the dish to match your needs. If, due to the speed of our restaurants, your order is already on its way to you, we still might be able to change it up, even if the delivery is near you.

Option 2 Contact us in our chat! (On the left end side of this website).

😊 We hope this guidance helped you!