For the drivers, by the drivers 💪🏽 New version of the Driver App !

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What better way to start this new year than with a new version of the Smood Driver App, built for the drivers by the drivers!

Your feedback helped us understand what improvements needed to be made and we hope that this updated version will better serve you, out on the road. 

Together, with our Smood Drivers who helped us beta test this new App version, we are excited to announce the arrival of the improved Driver App on Tuesday 8 February!

Highlighted Features

1. Order history and working hoursfeature1_eff_resized

We are introducing a clear breakdown of your current and previous activity - you’ll now have access to a clear summary of your work day with a record of the numbers of orders completed and total hours worked.

Insider tip:

  • To see your effective working time, tap on Activity in the fly out menu
  • Your effective working time will be updated in real time in the pink circle on the right.

2. Customer rating and review 


Customers have rated your quality of service - whether it’s your friendly “hello” or getting to the 5th floor without an elevator - that’s something worth sharing and celebrating! From now on, you’ll see your ratings, feedback, and compliments in your Driver app. 

Insider tip:

In the upper left corner, tap on the average rating under your name for details
  • Your rating is equal to the average of all ratings you’ve received since you started working with us
  • The reviews page shows you all orders where customers left reviews

3. New shift view 


Thanks to new filters you’ll easily see which shifts are still available, the ones that you

already confirmed, the ones that you declined and the ones that are already filled. 

Insider tip:

Depending on the filter being applied to the shift listing, we’ll display a banner view with different colors:

  • Pink for the available shifts
  • Red for the declined shifts
  • Green for the confirmed shifts
  • Grey for the shifts not available anymore

4. In-app guidance


Throughout the app we added several "tooltips" which are informational pop-ups to help you understand new features or concepts.

Insider tip:

Click on the (i) icon to display the informative bubble and click on the text to close it. 






Above are just a few new feature highlights, but the journey is only beginning. We are determined to provide you with more upgrades throughout the year in order to improve your working experience.


Please continue sharing your feedback with us directly through this link. Your input is valuable and will help shape the future of the Smood delivery experience.